file won't delete

• May 15, 2023 - 16:22

I created a MuseScore file. The program crashed. Altho I had saved my work along the way, when I re-opened the file, most of what I had saved was missing. I re-entered the notes. Saved along the way. Crash. Re-opened the file again. The file reverted to the first saved version, not the most recent. I decided to forget the project and deleted the file. Now the file keeps reappearing on my desktop. I've "deleted" it 5 times. When I try to open it, I get an error message saying "corrupted file/cannot be opened." When I click on "more information" I see that the file type is wrong. What? MuseScore created the file type. How can it be wrong?


When you boot your computer, the OS (operating system) loads and the desktop normally appears before programs (like MuseScore) run. Are you saying that you saved that MuseScore file onto your desktop and can't delete it with your OS's file manager ?
Do you mean that when you start MuseScore the file shows as a recent file? If so, use menu item: File > Open recent and then select 'Clear recent files'.

Sounds like you must have accidentally opened an older version of your score. Be sure to navigate to the exact folder you had saved your score to, and open it from the exact file you saved it to - if you rely just on the list of recent scores, you might indeed get some different version.

Anyhow, MuseScore files are no different from any other files on your computer - to delete them, use whatever tool your computer provides for deleting files (eg, Explorer on Windows, Finder on macOS, etc).

As for the corrupt file, sounds like you may have accidentally renamed the file to remove the extension - should end in ".mscz". Or perhaps this is a backup file and not the score itself - in which case, you'll need to remove any trailing characters from the name so it ends in ".mscz" only.

What operating system and MuS version are you using? Attach such a file for further investigation.

[3.6.2]: If Musescore crashes and I open MuS again, then I can decide whether to restore or delete the last saved version.
On the other hand: Deleting a file is a function of the operating system and only for this question Musescore does it on request.

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