Allow for UI Scaling Preferences

• May 13, 2023 - 22:31

One irk I have with MuseScore 4, while I understand the logic of it, is the size of the Mixer.

In MuseScore 3, I really enjoyed having the mixer off in a side panel since I wanted to have it always open for ease of use (muting, soloing, etc.) but didn't need to constantly adjust it so it was fine to be small and in the corner.

With the new MuseScore 4 mixer, the problem I have is that it either must be in a horizontal position rather than in one of the vertical side bars, or it must be a detached window, but in both cases the UI of the mixer is too large to see instantly all at once.

Attached below is a screenshot of my screen with the mixer's full settings fully visible, along with an image made in MS paint resizing the UI to a scale I would prefer. Currently, the mixer takes up nearly the entire bottom half of the entire screen, and more than half of the entire canvas space, all because I can't make the mixer UI itself smaller. For large ensembles like orchestras, this is also an issue since I'll have to horizontally scroll regardless to get to each individual instrument.

If some UI scaling feature could be added so that the Mixer knobs/sliders/etc could be a lot smaller that would be fantastic. I need far more room to look at scores and notes (since, after all, it's a notation software) than I do for Mixer information. Currently the only option I can find somewhat similar is for resizing text, which is not what I need.

So in short, I'd like a feature of being able to edit the size of UI elements arbitrarily to fit my workspace preferences more adequately. This is most pronounced with how oversized the Mixer UI feels to me, and in my example, I would like the Mixer panel to have all elements 100% visible while only taking up 15% of the screen (as opposed to now where it has to take up nearly half of the entire screen).

For reference, I'm working on a 1920x1080 monitor in Windows, though I imagine this issue should be relatively applicable to any users since users can have any range of monitor sizes.

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I agree, would be bice to have additional layout options. But meanwhile,. not you can use the "..." menu on the mixer to hide the sliders and add the volume control as a numeric field instead, which saves a ton of room. Also, you don't need it for basic soloing anymore since you can just select staves to solo them, so you can leave it closed more than before.

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