Copyright: have common licenses like creative common

• May 8, 2023 - 19:42

MuseScore can aid in choosing between having the right line for the common creative commons license, possibly other relevant. Practically, the Copyright line in New score can have a dropdown with them.


I don't know. The CC terminology is somewhat fluid in the short term and frankly, nobody would type in a particular CC (or other) license code unless they knew exactly what they were choosing. It's a pretty intentional thing. A person that creates a work and then fixes the wrong code to the work... there's no "going back" once the work is distributed in the first copy. Whatever rights are relinquished by a license are permanently given up. It seems to me that a drop-down list of license codes could be asking for critical copyright 'mistakes'.
I'm good with just an open box for copyright where folks can intentionally, and in/with full knowledge, insert their preferred license code.

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I personally have found CC completely unsatisfactory for authors or copyright holders. The fact that there is no way back is most inconvenient. I guess it has been designed to prevent future legal problems for repository owners and to remove maintenance complications altogether.
I advocate for renewable time-limited licences. The idea is that you issue a license with an expiry date. Anyone who downloads or somehow possesses a copy knows that the terms of the license are valid up to such date. When the license expires any rights granted come to an end and cannot be enjoyed any longer --unless the copyright holder decides, at their sole will, to extend the license to a new deadline.
As to repositories, it would not be very difficult to automate the process of checking the license expiry date and stopping to offer it at their site, or just allow authors to manage their own accounts. No legal resposibility would correspond to the repository for any copy downloaded before the expíry date, as long as the work is not available for download any longer. It would be the responsibility of the owner of the copy to comply with the law.
In the repository model based on the copyright's holder management through an account, the responsibility to remove the work falls on the account owner and a disclaimer from the site when creating an account should make it clear that the repository has no responsibility and it only provides a specialized hosting service.
This is the license I use for my music (in Spanish and English):

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