Is there a way to change time signatures without creating a bunch of ties?

• May 8, 2023 - 04:57

There might be a simple solution to this, but whenever I change from one time signature to another (in this case 3/4 to 4/4), all of the notes in 4/4 will be unnecessarily tied due to having previously been in 3/4.

I've tried putting the 4/4 time signature before putting the 3/4 somewhere earlier in the piece, but then that causes problems as the measures don't line up due to a section that's supposed to be in 3/4 being in 4/4

I hope that made sense, it's kind of hard to explain through text.

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I see it has been a month since your question. Have you solved your problem?
Just make sure you are using the correct note duration for your time signature. It is not possible to put a whole note in a 3/4 measure, etc. Yes, you may do it, but the computer will not know your intentions. Thus the ties.
You will need to re-elect the time signature for each measure if changing between the two.

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