Musescore 4 will not Switch audio devices

• May 8, 2023 - 04:11

I've been using Musescore 4 for the entirety of 2023, and thus far, I have not had this issue. Today I updated to 4.0.2 of the software and the issue arose.

I am on an intel i7-11000KF, 32 GB ram PC, and running windows 10; The logic and power I have for the software is not an issue, but for whatever reason it simply will not switch to my Speaker audio.

What I am doing is going to Edit-> Preferences-> I/O -> Audio -> Audio Device and switching from there. Most of the time it is switched to "System Default" and not a specific source. Works with my headset perfectly fine but when I switch the audio to "Speakers" in Musescore, It freezes and crashes. When re-launching the Software through desktop shortcut, It still did not change sources. Even when changing the audio source through Windows, It will not open the app at all. I am attaching an unlisted youtube video of my experience.

  • Mason K


It's never really been a good idea to switch audio devices like that with MU4 running. If you are going to unplug your headphones, do it before you start the software. Also turn off "Exclusive mode" in your sound device settings. Yes I know none of your other software works that way. But MU4 does. And so does Sibelius.

Do you find that when Musescore 4 crashes, it leaves a phantom process running in the background? I find that if I can make it repeatedly crash (not hard to do) I can wind up with several processes running in the background with no interface. This can eat up huge amounts of RAM and impact system performance and make things act weird. Task Manager will show the processes if they're there.

(I have a similar issue where I cannot change the output audio device from "System Default". I change it, sometimes it appears to change, sometimes not. But after quitting and re-starting Musescore it's back to System Default. I can't get anything else to stick. I haven't started a thread about it yet because I'm still trying to describe it precisely and to see if it's been reported here before. Searching this forum is very difficult. But your problem seems possibly related to mine.)

I have a similar issue with a crash on start up, OS is Windows 11. I have a few output devices. Built in Monitor speakers (never use), A Creative labs katana V2 soundbar (USB) to replace speakers and a separate USB DAC for headphone audio. When I'm using the Katana soundbar, Musescore 4 will not open (crash on start up). USB DAC is fine, no issues.

If any logs etc will help identify the issue please let me know what is needed and I'm happy to upload.

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