Add search function to MuseScore 4

• May 7, 2023 - 18:32

Hello, it would be really helpful for me as a potential returning use from Sibelius for there to be a search function of any kind. For example, in the help menu on macOS, there could be a search which would allow me to find items int he drop down menus more easily. This would help me discover features more easily and would help me find them when I read instructions online. It would also be good to add a search to the application window itself which would allow me to find various pallets and buttons, but I feel like a search in the help menu is a bare minimum which would immediately improve my experience.


"... I feel like a search in the help menu is a bare minimum"

Well, it's sad to see yet another regression in MS4 for a valuable feature which exists in MS3.

In MS3 you can position the cursor on a score element (clef, key signature, time signature, lyric, note, tuplet....) and press the F1 function key. You are then offered a link to any relevant Handbook pages.

In MS4 the F1 key has no effect, and the menu option Help > Online handbook always takes you to the Handbook introduction regardless of any selected score element. Disappointing...

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