Nudge notes within a measure to uncover measure numbers?

• May 6, 2023 - 15:33

Greetings, (Version 3.6.2 - Version 4 won't run on my Win 10 64 bit system)
I have some notes covering up the measure numbers.
(See attached image)
So, Measure 105 is fine - but the whole notes in 106 need to be nudged to the right because the # is covering the measure number - and you can see measure 107 looks a mess also.

Is there a way to select a group of notes and nudge them to the right / or to the left?

I don't want to change any note values - just move them to clean up the visual presentation.

Thank you!


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Just a remark. Engraving and playing symphonic music, it's extremely unusual to have a measure number at each measure. Normally, you have it only at the beginning of a staff or maybe at every 5th/10th measure.
What's the reason you want to have it?

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