Cent Tuning Doesn't Work in Playback

• May 6, 2023 - 14:50

If notes are tuned in MuseScore 4 (like with the cents option in properties), the pitch is correctly changed when the note is clicked on or selected in edit mode. However, if the score is played with the play button on the top right, all the tuning is ignored and it sounds like normal 12 TET. The score I've uploaded should show this clearly; the first Cm7 chord is tuned according to 19 TET, so it should sound very different to the 12 TET version. The C and B# would form a perfect octave in 12 TET, but in 19 TET it is a supermajor 7th which should sound very distinct.

Edit: This only seems to happen if Muse Sounds are used.

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tuning bug.mscz 20.78 KB

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