Screen return to desktop (unable)

• May 6, 2023 - 04:11

Hi, I can't find the 'shrink' section of the Musescore 4 working page e.g., I often need to switch to my desktop to check email, adjust the master volume, or look something up on my search engine. However, I cannot find the usual 3 symbols located at the top right of other software that will allow me to shrink the page. Currently I have to close Musescore4 down and then restart it to continue. I find this is inconvenient. I am sure this was available in v3? I love v4 - it is magnificent, but little niggles like this tend to detract.
Thank you for any assistance you may offer.


Doesn't the ALT-Tab key combination help to switch to another application?

On Windows also WIN-TAB may be a option.

Should be related to the application opening in full screen mode. Try pressing F11 to exit full screen mode and hopefully the options will appear. There is also a relation to showing/not showing the taskbar.

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