MuseScore 4: Split Staves Spacing Issue

• May 4, 2023 - 03:32


In an orchestral piece I am working on, I only need a few parts of the cello section to be in divisi staves. For example, on one page I would like to have divisi cellos on two different staves like in the example, and the next page a unison cello section on one stave. As you can see in my MuseScore screenshot, when I enable the option "Hide all measures that do not contain notation" it looks fine with the bracket and the name (second page). However, when there is only one line with music and the other stave is invisible (because there is no music and this option is ON), the bracket connecting the two cello staves and the name are still formatted as if the second stave was visible.
I could really use some assistance or advice on this because I have tried everything I can and nothing works.
Thank you.


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The Cello divisi staff should have "Hide when empty" set to Always in Staff/Part Properties. Then the unwanted div. bracket will disappear if the cellos are not playing divisi on that system (measures 8-14 in example score).

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