Date Created conflated with Date Modified

• May 2, 2023 - 08:00

Whenever I save a MuseScore file, the Date Created updates to the newest time saved, so it always matches Date Modified. I'm on a Macbook and no other program does this. Is this a bug that can be fixed, so I don't constantly lose the data of when I first create each file? There is also no information under Project Properties that shows the exact time with the Creation Date, which would also be a helpful location for this information to appear.


Creation date is recorded in File > Project properties, and available via $D in header/footer. But indeed no time.

Most operating systems don't keep track about a real creation date, but differentiate betwen last access (open), last modification (of content) and last change (of metadata), the latter is often confused to mean creation date but really isn't. Modern UNICES also have a birth date, that is the real creation date (and time).

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I know most programs when you save a file don't overwrite it with a new file with a new creation date, but the date modified updates. Is there a way that MuseScore could update a file without entirely replacing it in a way that resets its creation date? There must be, since other programs don't have this problem.

Fwiw, I customized MS3 so that everytime I perform a [Save As] or [Save a Copy] or create a new file, the new file will have a "creation date" that is saved once and then never updated again, and then added another tag "lastSaved" that gets updated anytime a regular "Save" occurs. Solved my perturbation over a similar issue.


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