Musescore 4 crashes on playback.

• Apr 28, 2023 - 15:31

I have recently completed a movement of Ravel's Mother Goose in Musescore 4 on my MacBook. It appeared to be fine, playing back correctly with no problems. Yesterday I replaced my old MacBook with a new one and the same file is now crashing MS4 on playback and also when trying to create the mp3 to publish online. I have attached the file to this message. I wonder whether I should uninstall MS4 (which was restored from the backup of my previous MacBook) and download the software anew?

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Plays just fine here in MuseScore 4.0.2 on Windows 11. Exporting to MP3 works too.

Restoring the installation from a Backup of another machine instead of installing is from scratch seems not a good idea, surely won't work on Windows, no sure about Mac.

No crash for me either. At least not on the export - I didn't play the entire score through but no crash in the first minute or so. Is there some specific measure I should jump to where the crash occurs?

A bad installation is unlikely to lead to a problem like this, but I agree - trying to "install" software by restoring from backup isn't really good, better to do a normal install, even if it doesn't turn out to be relevant here.

Are you by chance using any non-default sounds or effects that might explain why you are seeing different behavior than we are? It looks from the file like it's just MS Basic and Muse Sounds, but maybe you made some changes you didn't save?

In the absence of anything better, I removed MS4 and re-downloaded. Instead of crashing MS4 at about measure 15, the file now plays until measure 82, when it crashes. It also crashes when not playing back but when the cursor is used to select that measure (or other measures up to 85). I tried inserting an extra measure with a view to subsequently getting rid of the problem measure(s) - I was able to enter notes in the first two beats of the added measure but anything on the third beat crashed it again. Not sure what to try next...

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Is it possible you modified the score since posting it originally? I tried to find measure 82 but failed, since the first measure of the score you posted is already 408. I did use Ctrl+F to jump to "internal" measure 82 (it's just before a harp cadenza) but didn't encounter any problems selecting or playing that passage either.

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