Ecco on my sound

• Apr 27, 2023 - 16:55

When I touch a key, the sound gives a ecco. Have do I stop this, so I only hear a sound without ecco?


Lots more info is needed. macOS, WIndows, Linux, mobile device? Version 3.x or 4.x of MS? Do you have an external synth or device via MIDI (or USB, or else)? This is a key on a musical keyboard, or a virtual keyboard via the computer keyboard? The echo is heard from where?

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It is both Windows devices, the one "11" and the other "10" (to different machines).
On "11" with usb piano keyboard, on "10" pc keyboard.
The sound is heard from the pc speakers at the press of a key on both machines.
(It should be a single piano note)

II have temporarily reverted to version 3.6 which does not have this error.
Hope you can help me.
Sincerely Jens Ole

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