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• Apr 25, 2023 - 12:21

So there's this common problem I have, where I I want to split a note's value, or add a note in the middle of a rest, I need to break up the big value at first. Here's how that would look:

Screenshot 2023-04-25 131639.png

What if there was a way to add notes from the END of the selected value? Here are some examples:

Screenshot 2023-04-25 131650.png

Ways in which this could be implemented:
1) Another notation tool called "Backwards notation" or similar
2) A temporary action button, such as the rest or augmentation dot buttons, that give the backwards functionality while they're pressed

Or maybe an easy way to do this already exists in MuseScore and I'm not aware of it! If that's the case please let me know :)


I agree. Except that MuseScore has no idea where you want to add a note.

"insert eighth note from the end of the rest". Except the end of a rest is the next note.

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Well, to input a note you need to hover a value first. MuseScore adds the note at the beginning of that value; say if you click over a 1/4 note, an 1/8 will be added where that 1/4 note begins. This new feature would just "right" align that note placement, placing the 1/8 note starting from the right side of the hovered value.

Screenshot 2023-04-27 101442.png

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As described, MuS does not know where you intend to set the note.
But why is this a problem? It's just one keyboard hit more:

Select the quarter rest. Press N for the note input mode. Press 4 for an eighth note or rest. Press 0 for an eighth note rest - this is just this one more keystroke. Finally, press the note name for the following eighth note or set by it using the mouse.

Yes you need to manually break the big value first. There is no other way.
Unless you write a plugin that would implement the action "add note at end of selected note/silence" that you are describing (the code in the plugin would need to start by breaking the big value first using available Musescore actions)

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