Vertical scrolling setting for use in mobile app (iOS)

• Apr 24, 2023 - 19:33

Can someone help me with the following issue:
- Some musescore files that I've downloaded, have the option scrolling/vertical scrolling in settings in the iOS mobile app.
- when I open my own created musescore files, this option is not present, and, when the file is played, I get page jumps instead of vertical scrolling, making it impossible to anticipate on the next measures when playing along.
How can I enable this setting / how do I have to configure MuseScore for my own created files


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I understand, but it is most likely a setting that I have to do in MuseScore itself. In the mobile app, I cannot set this setting, with some files vertical scrolling is an option, with some files not. So I was questioning which setting or combination of settings I have to do. I tried setting "vertical scrolling" in Preferences, but that didn't make any difference

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