How delete instruments from an existing score?

• Apr 23, 2023 - 21:10

How can I delete some instruments from an existing score? I found instructions at this link, but my score doesn't have a "Your Score panel". How do I do this?! I tried to follow MuseScore's instructions!…



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Unfortunately that doesn't work. I deleted the timpani part using that method but it's still in the score, as you can see by the attached screen shot. (Sorry about the bad photo. You can barely see the timpani part; it's right after Bass). Thanks for the suggestion but it didn't delete anything.

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Ok, maybe a misunderstanding.
For my understanding are parts the exerpt of instruments of a score, as needed for the different musicians.
These are generated and if needed also deleted by the command 'File/Parts...'.

Now I see you like to delete the instrument 'Timpany' totally from the score.
Press 'i' to open the instrument dialogue. Unfortunately has your score been imported from an other software, so all instruments there are called 'ARIA Player'.
So you have to do some more steps to be able to identify the correct staff.
Go to your score, right click on the timpany staff and open "staff/part properties". Choose again the instrument 'Timpany'. Then press 'i' (instruments) and there you can either hide the timpany by unchecking the box or select it and click on 'Remove from Score'.

It is best to correct the ARIA player for all instruments as described for the timpany. Once to get the correct name in the instruments window and more important to get the correct sound of the instruments.
I did it for some brass instruments. See attachment.

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Thanks for your response. es, it's imported from a Finale file. I tried this , got as far as "staff/part properties" but there's nowhere to "Choose again the instrument 'Timpany'. Then press 'i' (instruments) and there you can either hide the timpany by unchecking the box or select it and click on 'Remove from Score'" at that step.

Also, should I open the attached file? I need to reduce the score by several instruments, not just timpany. I prefer to learn how to do it since there are more scores I want to open.

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Sorry for the rough description.
> Also, should I open the attached file?
Why not?

The reselection of the instrument exists in this menu and can be reached under the item 'Change Instrument'. Then it shows the correct instrument name instead of ARIA Player and sounds also correct. In this example choose again 'flute':
Select Instrument.png

Since an XML import from Finale designates all instruments as 'ARIA Player', and they have the piano sound, it already makes sense to do this for correct playback in Musescore. In the screenshot I did this for trumpet, horn and trombone.
And yes, in the instrument dialog (accessible with 'i') there are two options. First you can only hide the staff (Checkbox Visible) but hiding does not delete, it is still there and still playing. And second you can delete it with 'Remove fromScore' totally. Otherwise hide it first (Checkbox 'visible') to check if it is the correct staff and then remove the staff from the score::

To reduce the number of instruments, I have another tip: Usually, drum notes have base and snare and other percussion instruments written on one staff. But this would require rewriting the two staves for percussion 1 and 3 in one called Drumset. Then you can delete those two. In any case, it saves one stave. But writing drumset staffs needs a bit of exercise. I did it here for percussion 1 as snare and percussion 3 as base drum:

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Ah, I hadn't realised that you had imported the file but not named the instruments. One of those ARIAs is your Timpani. Look at your score, count up from the bottom to Timpani. Now do the pressing "i" thing and count up from the bottom and delete that ARIA instrument.

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I think that works. I unchecked "Visible" and now can't see the instruments I don't want in the score. But my whole purpose was to open the file in Sibelius, which couldn't open the previous score because it had 16 staves. For some reason, Sibelius won't even open the MusScore file. Don't know why it won't open the MuseScore file.
Oy vey!! But thanks for reducing the score size.

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I figured out how to import, but I guess this process didn't delete any staves on the Pirates chart, only hid them.
I still can't import it into Sibelius because there's an error message, that it's still over 16 staves. Even though now only around 10 are showing. Thanks anyhow!

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