Opportunity to work as a composer.

• Apr 22, 2023 - 18:29

Hi guys, I'm a composer, like most people here, but despite a lot of study, I don't have big professional experiences in the area, just small things, so I have to work with many other boring stuff.
I searched in job sites to find some work opportunities, as freelancer or other ways to monetize my knowledge, but I have a limitation:
Most jobs nowadays ask for composers who are also producers, as companies want the material ready to be used. I'm not a producer, it's very different areas of knowledge. I can compose, write in score and that's it.
Also, I don't have a home studio to record with quality. So I can't work from home as an instrumentalist.
Does anyone here work on something like this?
Is there a place in the job market these days for composers who don't produce?
(I know that there are big jobs, for film companies, for example, that have an orchestra to perform the usic. But let's be realistic, these great jobs are for the few. I would like to know if there is anything else possible to work with)

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