Multiple copies of Musescore installed

• Apr 20, 2023 - 01:02

I'm running Windows 11 Home, build 22621.1555
Musescore started acting really flakey lately. I think that Musecore was the cause and I had to log out of Windows to stop my other programs crashing. I figured I'd better reinstall it, so I went to Add or Remove Programs and I found two versions of Musescore 4 installed. I uninstalled the older version and I hope this clears up my problem, but I thought I should report this before I go any further.
Muscore 4.png


Do you remember how you installed/updated them? Via Muse Hub, or 'manually'?

Darn, you're right, on my PC too:
Screenshot 2023-04-20 124912.png

I installed 4.0.0 via MuseHub, and I believe it got updated to 4.0.1 via MuseHub too, but I manually updated (downloading and installing the .msi) to 4.0.2, because I was to impatient to wait on Muse Hub

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