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• Apr 16, 2023 - 19:09

I'm able to define User Defined Text 1-12, but there seems to be no way to assign it to any text. It does not show up anywhere in the Palettes / Text / More. I would like to be able to add my UDT to the Palettes / Text pop-up so it is easy to use.



You can assign user styles to any text, just click the "More" button at the bottom of the Properties panel to expose this and a handful of other less common settings.

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That's not the Properties panel - that's the Palette. You need to first add a text element to your score, then in the Properties panel, you'll see the available settings:

Screenshot 2023-04-18 11.39.18 AM.png

I suspect confusion over palettes vs properties might also have something to do with your other recent questions,m but I'm not sure, as I didn't understand them.

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Ok, I'm following you now. I was aware that I could change the properties of a text type from its default to the 'User Defined', but the description of that text (at the bottom left of the screen) still shows the default type selected from the Palette/Text (which can be confusing). I was hoping that I could assign the User Defined settings to the Palette/Text, and then from the Palette to the score, so that its description (ie User Defined 1') would show in the bottom left of the screen (and/or at the top of the Properties (used to be navigator) box - which was one of my other suggestions) which would allow me to tell which of the User Defined I had used for that element/style as there are 12 of them.
This is probably not a big issue if I was doing the score all at once as I would remember which one I used, but if there are hours/days/weeks in-between, it becomes a bigger issue.

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You can add any customized text back to your palette, so it can show what you like directly in the palette, and you can also customize the tooltip that appears when you hover over it (by right-clicking the palette item and use the properties of that palette cell). You can then easily add these custom text elements to your score. So, you can have 12 different custom palette entires if you like.

Of course, it may be that whatever you are trying to actually accomplish here is better done a simpler way - needing twelve distinct user styles would be exceedingly rare. So feel free to attach a score and describe these twelve different use cases in more detail.

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I'm a fairly new user and have just discovered this feature - I just wanted to say this User Styles feature is absolutely FANTASTIC. I use the User Styles (at the moment) for custom placement of Guitar Left Hand Fingerings i.e. I have one setting for each of: Left/Right/Below/Above ... as it depends on the value of music notes and how 'busy' the score is, as to where I want the LH fingerings placed. It's a great feature, and I'm learning new things every day, as I use this program to re-type all my teachers Guitar Ensemble music, so that I can play along with. Thanks so much for a fantastic program (MS 4.3.0)

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