Editing Linked Stave causes system crash

• Apr 16, 2023 - 11:27

I was editing a linked Full Staff and Simple Tab staves. I had input notes in as notation which correctly linked the the other tab stave. It hadn't put the notes on the correct strings however.
When I was manually editing this, it was fine if I did it one note at a time (dragging the note to a new string), it was also fine if I selected multiple notes within the same bar. Any time I selected a full bar of music as soon as I tried to drag it, there was an instant system crash.
This happened multiple times.


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Open the linked file.
Click on the first bar of tab.
Hold the shift key on keyboard and click the 4th measure of tab, highlighting the full 4 measures of tab.
Click on any note and drag down (so as to move the notes onto the lower string set).
This, in my case, causes a crash.
I tried to upload a screen recording of it crashing, but I was unable to do so.

Hope this can get resolved.

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