Ties don't work well with arpeggio markings

• Apr 13, 2023 - 00:18

I'm composing a piece for guitar in MuseScore 4.0.2 or whatever it is, and I've noticed something really annoying; it just doesn't let me tie arpeggiated chords.

I'm trying to tie an arpeggiated chord so that it lasts 4 + 1/2 beats (but the issue happens with any tie) and for whatever reason, on playback, when it reaches that tied 1/2 beat, it acts as if there isn't anything there at all and the chord is released.
However, sometimes it doesn't act like this and it does play the tied note, but for some reason, it's really staccato and again, stops almost instantly.

I uploaded the MuseScore file where I noticed this. In Bar 5 this is noticeable (for some reason it doesn't happen in Bar 6 on playback now) in that it just doesn't tie for some reason. Maybe I'm just being dumb and missing something though, I dunno.

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