Problems about crescendos and diminuendos with MuseScore4

• Apr 10, 2023 - 12:39

When I add a > (diminuendo) mark, it affects all parts of that line.
As following pics.
So do all other dynamix lining marks like crescendo.


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See my recent for another alternativer (velocity override), but I like your last last suggestion here. The main downside is you lose cross-staff notation, but, as long as you don't need both that and the independent dynamics on the same system, you can use "hide empty staves" to show the right staff at the right time.

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The main shift in thinking with MuseScore 4 is towards overriding playback details on the notes themselves instead of on the dynamics. So, the idea would be, if you want the notes to sound other than what the dynamics indicate, you'd override the velocity on the notes. In theory, it's an OK setup, but a) it doesn't work for Muse Sounds), b) the mechanism for setting velocity is currently more awkward than need be, and c) it also doesn't necessarily keep up to date as you edit customized passages. These are known limitations being worked on for future updates.

Meanwhile, what you can do is switch to MS Basic, and manually set the velocities as desired via the Playback section in Properties.

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