I'm trying the new string sounds and the playback is saturated with enormous amounts of hall reverb.

• Apr 10, 2023 - 10:55

The note input sound is nice and dry, and then everything ruined and lost in reverb on playback - is there any way to turn it off or at least down?

I know I'm looking a gift horse in the mouth here, but the reverb is unnecessary!


It's normal for there to be some reverb, but it shouldn't be "enormous" - just the normal amount of reverb any professional audio engineer would add. Could be there is something special going on with your score, or with your system (like a MIDI loop, or a VST effect being applied). Please attach your score so others can check it out. It might also help to export to MP3 to see if you still hear the excessive reverb there, and if so, post that to audio.com or elsewhere and include a link here.

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