Muse 4 adding new chord diagram fretboards broken Mac Mont 12.6.3

• Apr 9, 2023 - 22:27

Edit mode activated! But dding an edited diagram fret-board to the chord pallet using drag drop, click-command-shift does nothing. You would think that there would be an
add chord to pallet button in property's window where it actually should belong, the idea would be then to create a chord and simply add it right there in "properties"
Yes you can edit a chord grid, place it on the score, that part works, however the "more" button on fret-board pallet Add feature is greyed out and "element" selection is ignored, states "drag items to the pallet or directly to the score". it does the same thing even inserting a new pallet, nothing works in this regard? from: Mac Mont 12.6.3

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