Musescore 4 laggy playback and laggy note input

• Apr 7, 2023 - 02:48

I've been using musescore 4 to write a big band chart for my college jazz band to play, and it is proving to be quite difficult, as this software just doesnt work as efficiently as Musescore 3 did. The problem is I already ahve a good amount of work done in Musescore 4 and I don't want to have to redo everything in Musescore 3. Is there any way I can fix these issues so that I can finish my chart? For reference, My computer should have no problem running this software, the computer was built for high end gaming performance and audio production, I use Ableton to record things on a regular basis and run into no performance issues, so I don't see why a music notation software should be beyond my computer's capabilities.


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I just tried lowering the but rate and unchecking exclusive mode, but I am still getting a lot of choppy playback with the program. It seems to only playback smooth if I have the mixer open while playing back, but note input is still very laggy compared to musescore 3. I appreciate the quick responses though and hope Musescore can fix this through an update if there's nothing else I can do on my end.


Same issue when i play orchstral music sheet like Tchaikovsky symph n° 4, laggy playback and sometimes the software freezes.
Go to Edit/preferences/ I/O .. then change tampon size to max. It worked perfectly for me (keep the mixer window open while in playback).

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