Tuning isn't working with MuseSound Strings

• Apr 6, 2023 - 22:54

Im not sure if it's meant to be like this or not, or this is an error on my part. If it is any of those things, sorry for wasting time, but, here we go. I tried sharpening note E3 on musesound's cello by 50 cents (by going into properties and adjusting it through the 'Tuning' function), but it instead sounded as 'F3' instead of 'E5+50.000'. I continued with E for violin thinking it was just an error with the cello, but it still sounded as F. Tried sharpenning C3 on cello by 50 cents, and it didn't sound any different from C natural. Im not sure whats going on here. I included by score below with half-sharps and half-flats to make it easier to read.

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