New and lost

• Apr 6, 2023 - 22:23

I am not a musician but I love music. I never use MuseScore before but I am willing to. I like Wojciech Kilar music but I am not a composer and that's why I asked Chat GPT to compose Kilar's style music. I did't even know it was possible, but it generated some .txt code and I was so excited to listen to what it was. I downloaded Musescore and had tried to paste it but unfortunatelly I wasn't able to do this. The code looks like :
| D - - - | A - - - | D - - - | F - - - |
| G - - - | A - - - | G - - - | F - - - |
but I have no idea how to paste it. It wrote quite a longe sentence... and I am so curious how it sounds.
Can you help me please.
Thank you.


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I wanted to reach out and apologize for my behavior during our recent conversation. Looking back, I can see that I was disrespectful and crossed some boundaries with my language and tone. That was not my intention, and I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable or disrespected.

I realize now that I should have been more mindful of my behavior, and I want to make things right. If there is anything I can do to make up for my actions, please let me know.

Once again, I'm truly sorry for any offense I caused. I will make sure to be more respectful in my future interactions with others.

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