MuseScore 4 not launching on macOS Big Sur 11.7.5

• Apr 6, 2023 - 21:39

I installed MuseScore through Muse Hub and without it. The Muse Hub app didn't launch at all, and the MuseScore icon just bounced up and down not opening. Right clicking it says not responding. Opening the app directly crashes it. Notification says it quit unexpectedly.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to properly install/open the program? Thank you.


There was a problem with Muse Hub overwriting a dynamic library that caused MuseScore to fail to launch. That seems to have been updated yesterday. If you can get Muse Hub to launch, do so, and it should update everything so that MuseScore 4.3 will now launch. There may (or may not) be a notification on the gear icon in the upper right of the Muse Hub panel that takes you to a necessary update; I'm not sure how it will appear on your computer, because I downgraded back to MuseScore 4.2.1 when 4.3 wouldn't launch, so Muse Hub had to re-update to MuseScore 4.3.

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