How to input sextuplets with tremolo

• Apr 6, 2023 - 17:14

is there a key stroke formula for scoring sextuplet tremelos between 2 chords to make a quarter note and also a half note shorthand entry as at the bottom of the attachment?
Thank you!
(P.S. This is probably a duplicate. I previously entered this question as a reply on a discussion thread from 2018 but i never saw it as NEW when opening General Discussion.)

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6 dot A [UpArrow] S G [UpArrow] [LeftArrow] [LeftArrow] and then you have to select the tremolo from the palette.

6 - set duration half-note
dot - augment by a half
A - enter note
[UpArrow] - make it sharp (other shortcuts exist but I find this easiest)
S - start the slur
G - enter note (dotted half-note is still selected as the duration)
[UpArrow] - make it sharp
[LeftArrow][LeftArrow] - jump back to select the A

You apply the tremolo only to the first note.

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Ah, no I was looking at the wrong part of the score. I originally thought the A# to G# was the tremolo in question, posted, noted that sextuplet was mentioned then hastily (and wrongly) corrected my post just as dinner was being served. Dinner was followed by a cup of tea, some Belgian chocolate and a couple of episodes of The Night Agent (Netflix) so only just checked again now.

I guess it would go something more like this:

Click on whole-measure rest
Press 5 - create two quarter-note rests and a hlaf-note rest
Select the measure by clicking on a blank part of it
Press [Ctrl] 6 - set up the sextuplets
Select the tuplets, change Properties to show numbers but not brackets.

Enter the shorter-note chords:

4 dot G - first note of chord
[Ctrl] [UpArrow] - up to the correct octave
[Shift] B C - add the other notes*

F - first note of next chord
[Ctrl][Down][Down] - correct the octave
[Ctrl][Shift][Down] - cross-staff beam to lower stave

Click on a note in the first chord
Apply the tremolo
Make the note stems longer to adjust the appearance

Enter the longer-note chords:
As above but using 5 dot for the duration

*You'd also need to adjust for accidentals as you went or after entering the notes.
Not much of a shortcut, I'll admit.

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It looks to me as the top part is written in 12/8 with 2-tuplets in the bass (see the "2" indications over the eighth notes), rather than written in 4/4 with six-tuplets in the treble part.

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