Musescore Shortcuts - Bug? Misunderstanding?

• Apr 6, 2023 - 10:35

Musescore Shortcuts - Bug? Misunderstanding?

Musescore provides an impressive set of shortcuts for speeding up common operations.
That's very nice indeed.
Yet - something in this mechanism is incomplete and rather annoying.

One would expect a shortcut to be associated with a keyboard KEY.
This is a common concept and a matter of routine in most OS-s and GUI interfaces (e.g MS-Office which I am very familiar with).

Musescore seems to associate the shortcut with a CHARACTER produced by pressing a given key.
Thus - Ctrl+S stands for SAVE when this combination is detected.

So - what is the problem?
The problem is that the character issued by pressing a given key depends on the active keyboard layout.
When feeding in texts, my keyboard layout is switched to Hebrew.
Factually - this setting disables the standard shortcuts mechanism.
The combination "Ctrl+S" is actually translated into "CTRL+ד" - which is the Hebrew letter that shares the common "S" key in the common Hebrew keyboard layout.
Musescore is not sensitive to that combination, which it is not responded at all.
As mentioned above, MS-Office and other Windows GUI based applications do not suffer from this deficiency.
One would expect for sensitivity to a KEY stroke, not to a character produced by pressing that given key.

Is it what it meant to be?
Is it a bug?
Did I miss something here?



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