Last Time To Coda

• Apr 6, 2023 - 04:03

So the piece I am trying to put into Musescore so it can be transposed has three verses and choruses. The first ends at the chorus and goes back to the verse part for the next verse. The second continues past the chorus into a bridge. The third goes through the verse and chorus, but stops the chorus early and continues to a different ending. By measures, I would be wanting to do this:
2-42 (not including 27)
43-45 (the end).

I currently have the a repeat and a s looking coda symbol at measure 2, a primo Volta at measure 27, an open seconda Volta at 28, and D.S. Al coda at measure 42, and the circle looking coda symbol at measure 43. I just don't know how to notate the part where on the third go-around, it cuts off early to go to the final coda.


D.S. Al coda requires a Segno (s looking symbol); a 'To Coda' jump; and the (circle looking) Coda symbol.

So, Segno at measure 2; a 'To Coda' where "it cuts off early to go to the final coda"; and the Coda symbol at measure 43 (the ending).
If this doesn't do it, attach the score.

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