Musescore 4 wont open

• Apr 5, 2023 - 17:45

Since update Musescore 4 won't open on my PC Win 11, sound card SoundblasterX ae-5 plus it's worked before now stopped.


I just realized that the problem relies on the I/O setting under edit in the software. The Musenscore 4.02 software will not accept my Focusrite output device. So, I changed the default device to another that does not really works and the software opened. When I went to Edit, Preferences and changed the default I/O setting to Focusrite, the software crashes. This is definitely a bug that has to be corrected by the software engineers and not by the forum.

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All I can say is that I run MU4 on 4 different computers. Only my desktop runs without changes. The others or underpowered and I run with the help of an audio interface. I have three different ones. A Focusrite and two cheap ones. They all work on any of my machines. Including the one that doesn't need it. These are all USB interfaces. I can't speak to other types. For one of the computer and interface combinations I had to take the bit rate down almost as far as it would go before MU4 worked. The only time there was a crash was when I made changes while MU4 was running.

Should you have to make any changes? Maybe not. Does MU4 need to be fixed? Maybe so.
I just know what is working for me.

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I use Focusrite interface and my output sound setting appears as "Speakers (2 Focusrite USB audio)" which is the setting in all my applications that use sound including my DAW. If I change it to another setting, Musescore will open but sound will not work. Sound will not work either in any other application. So it appears that the problem is with the I/O setting in Musescore 4 or maybe the sample rate setting in Focusrite Control which cannot be set lower than 41 khs. I will keep digging.

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Well, now for something completely different. I've been doing some intensive testing. Over the months, I've tried a lot of different settings. Today I disconnected my interface and tried, again, my laptop onboard Conexant device. Which has many more settings than my Focusrite. I lowered the bit rate quite a bit. But this time in MU4 I lowered the mixer volume and left the mixer open. As a result, the software worked better over all than with any of my interfaces.
The work goes on.

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