can't change 1/8 note to quarter without corrupting file

• Apr 5, 2023 - 17:43

Mac OS 12.6
screen shot 1: original file
screen shot 2: the note I try to change
screen shot 3: the result

I reverted; saved; quit; rebooted. Same thing happened.

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Screen Shot 1.png 7.2 KB
Screen Shot 2.png 6.74 KB
Screen Shot 3.png 77.77 KB


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Try this file:
original file-2.mscz
You should be able to change the 1/8 note to a quarter as in your screen shot (or even to a dotted quarter as shown in your "corrupted file.mscz" attachment).

I fixed it by re-assigning classical guitar as the instrument because nothing was shown in the "instruments" tab on the corrupted score. MuseScore 4 seems to surreptitiously generate "parts" behind the scenes and the 8va bassa treble clef did not transfer well over to the "generated part".

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