Format/Style not including and items listed in a haphazard order

• Apr 5, 2023 - 09:10

I'm working, and testing the capability of MS 4.0.2, on a large symphonic score with 28 instruments on 35 or so A3 page size.
I've large monitors 32" but even with one monitor in portrait orientation, I cannot see the whole score in a decent and workable size so I have to scroll up and down working on the different instruments.
This makes navigation through the score difficult size bar numbers and the rehearsal make are only visible at the upper left top (it's no difference between continuous or page view).
The MS handbook suggest, under "Measure numbering", that this can be set but I’ve three problems with this:
1. Opening of “Format/Style” is extremely slow, see separate posting
2. The "Style" listing is very long and the description in the handbook, select "Format→Style→Measure numbers." is not very helpful because there is no "Measure number" listed, see attached picture.
3. Furthermore, I don’t understand the logic of the listing as it appears completely random so you have to scroll through the complete listing to search for something.
I would suggest:
• Make sure the entries suggested in the manuals are indeed there
• Make the listing alphabetic, or
• Include a search function

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In the "Style" listing the word "measure" is equivalent to the word "bar":
It depends on the setting in Edit > Preferences > General > Languages.
(Were they listed in alphabetical order, I would not have been able to make this direct comparison in the picture.)

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I do not know which manual I'm looking into then. When I search for the manuals, I just enter MuseScore Manuals and I get an English page and the handbooks behind are in English. Maybe GB or US English but whatever, it's not the same as in the menu.

Anyway, I've changed it now and it ease my navigation trough the score.

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