Opening of „Format/Style“ in MS 4.0.2 extremely slow

• Apr 5, 2023 - 08:54

The opening of „Format/Style“ in MS 4.0.2 is extremely slow. In fact, so slow you are reluctant to even to try to open it.
I’ve measured the opening time a number of times and it is between 15-20 seconds during this time MuseScore is in a “Not responding” state.
Inspecting the processor load during the time the „Format/Style“ loads does not indicate any particular load peaks, see attached picture. Note, a Videocon was ongoing in the time I made when I made the snapshot but there is no difference when nothing particular is running.
The system I’m running:

• Dell Insperion 7415 2-in-one laptop
o HD: 2 TB SSD
o RAM: 16 GB
o Page File: 2.4 GB
o Processor AMD Ryzen 7 5700U with Radeon Graphics, 1801 MHz, 8 cores, 16 logical processors
o X64-based PC
o Normally attached to a Docking Station with two large 4K monitors and a back-up storage systems (3x2 GB hard disks and a 10TB RAID 1 system)

• OS
o Windows 11 Professional

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