cannot enter notes in doc created in MuseScore 3

• Apr 5, 2023 - 04:29


I just started using MuseScore 4 for an online music theory class. The course has an exercise created in MuseScore 3. I am having trouble entering notes. It seems when I click the note nothing happens. I tried de-selecting the "rest" icon in the toolbar; switching from step mode to normal mode, etc.

I wanted to upload a screen recording but the file is too big, so I uploaded a screen shot.

Can you help?

Tim Robert

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Hi Shoichi, thanks for your help. Yes, I did (but not in that screenshot, because I was going back and forth highlighting it while troubleshooting the issue).

Now I know what was wrong; the online course I'm taking has the students using a custom drum notation method, so I needed to first click on a note next to the Edit Drumset Palette in the lower left corner before I could enter notes.

So I'm all set now.

Thanks, Tim

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