my posts get lost and found - dirty tricks prevail.

• Apr 3, 2023 - 20:20

this is an odd forum, certain common features missing compared to other BBs
I cant find post history or topic subscriptions (as you were its under activity). I cant see any view stats

OBTW never click on a blue Ribbin "Musescore search or icons" you get dragged into money grabbing

I note that several members have had problems with their billing practices. You can sign up for a FREE TRIAL, they want your CC details and a committment to a auto renewable contract. They will let you try for 7 days but want a $10 sign up fee on top of their Special Offer.

Ive had bad experience with this type of business model - much favoured by Publishers, magazines, press etc
It must be outsourced to a Billing service provider, cos they all have the same devious tactics (like ignoring your contract cancellation and continue billing etc). They pester with aggressive marketing etc. It took me 6 months to get unhooked from the Daily Telegraph. CC and PP are reluctant to help cos you have entered a auto renewal contract blah blah. I will never get stuck with that rubbish

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OBTW the mcsz is a test bed for note entry and rhythm exercises. I discovered that note entry can screw up a bar which is supposed to keep it timing inviolate (eg 4/4 and 1/16 dur). I ended up with a bar with 5 crotchets and a semiq rest !!!! It would save the file as it was corrupt. I think a Tuplet was involved at some stage
Will try to repeat the error and post.

To find your post history, just click your name / profile icon on any of your posts. You can also find various options for history under the Activity menu.

As for billing, this site has no billing of any kind. So I assume you are referring to the score-sharing website You'd have to post over there on that site for discussion of that.

It's true that as a service to members, there is a clearly-marked "search for sheet music" bar on this site that takes you there. If you're not interested in sheet music, then of course, don't use that search bar. If you want to search this site, try the search icon on the main menu instead.

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What you mean Marc, is a new user must know to move up to "Forum" page (.org) and then click the magnifier glass so as to search within the .org forum. OK can do but why cant we make it clear

.com= auto renewal subscription contract service (for those who have pro needs fair enough)
Here is an example of deliberate obfuscation and understandable confusion
search on billing. It would help if .com at least made itself a different colour from .org - shady clickbait

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Yes, the site design could be clearer no doubt. It was created this way many years ago in response to tons of user requests to make it simpler to move between sites and to do the most common type of searches - for sheet music - from either location. But probably there would be a way to do that without making forum search less obvious. For a very long time there was simply no budget to bring in professional web developers, but I understand that has changed within the last few months. So hopefully some of the various awkwardesses can continue to addressed (some already have).

But FWIW, in no way requires a subscription, so it would be factually incorrect to imply it does.

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