Numerous Issues with MuseScore 4

• Apr 3, 2023 - 10:32

MuseScore 3 was okay. Trying to use 4 is like pulling teeth. Please help, my sanity is close to gone.

  1. The program is EXTREMELY slow, consuming little to no CPU and yet taking a long long time to load any sort of menu, such as the Style settings. What is it doing?!
  2. I cannot find anywhere where to stop the score from panning. Why was the don't pan score button removed? This would have made me drop the program immediately if I didn't know MuseScore 3 had this option.
  3. Why for the love of God does the playback turn solo when you click on an instrument for playback, and how can I disable this utterly absurd functionality?
  4. I cannot look at black notes on a white background. This is due to actual vision impairment. After what felt like years lost in menus inside of menus I have found a way to change the background color of the score, but I can't find a way to change the notes to white. Please tell me how to color the notes, pentagram, clefs, etc. white.


  1. There is a known bug affecting a small number of systems where Style is slow for some as yet unexplained reason. So far it hasn't been reproduced on any development machine, so it's province difficult to understand. If you know of any unique qualities of your system that might explain why it is different on your system than most others - unusual display or drive configuration, etc - that could prove useful.

Aside from that, are you saying something else seems unusually slow?

  1. The rarely-used pan button is now under the settings cog on the playback toolbar.

  2. Soloing just selected tracks is pretty common across most audio software, so its something familiar to most people coming to MuseScore from other programs. For long-time MuseScore users, it can take a little getting used to. Just know, select a note or rest - or anything other than a full range - to hear the full score. Or press Esc if you accidentally select a range.

  3. MuseScore 4 makes this very simple, as part of its improved accessibility - just click the "Invert score" button in Edit / Preferences / Appearance. No need to also change background color. Also see the dark theme and other color / accessibility settings in that same dialog.

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I wonder if the slowness is due to the auto-save occurring? This happened to me a lot until I figured out what was causing the GUI to lock up. I've reported the slow save issue separately.
I have a lot of issues as well with MuseScore 4 crashing and corrupting files.... it's a fantastically feature-rich update but very buggy from my perspective which would be fine if you hadn't broken backwards compatibility :( :( :(

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Autosave will indeed cause a temporary slowdown every three minutes. But MU3 had autosave as well and it was every two, so autosave is unlikely to be the cause of a general slowdown.

4.0 and 4.0.1 definitely had there share of crashes and corruptions, virtually all reported cases of which were fixed for 4.0.2. But 4.0.2 also reports corruptions that previous versions missed, leading to the illusion that it is the cause rather than merely the messenger.

Anyhow, if you are experience a reproducible crash, or a case where 4.0.2 itself can be shown to be causing as opposed to merely reporting a corruption, so be sure to report it so it can be investigated.

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  1. I think the number of systems might be bigger than small. I myself am on windows with a PC that can run the "Witcher 3" at 60 fps at high settings but if I drag the style window around, it laggs. Maybe this is caused by a specific tab or settings of the style page...

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So far out of millions of installations, it’s been reported maybe a dozen times or so, and none of the developers can reproduce on any of their machines as far as I know. That doesn’t mean it’s not a problem worth fixing, but it does mean, it seems to be something unusual setting or configuration and the people experiencing the problems are the ones in the best position to help sort out what the issue is.

My guess right now is it will turn out to be related to a specific graphics driver having poorly implemented Open GL support that is slowing things down. But that’s really just a guess.

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Unfortunately, it is most definitely NOT just "a small number of systems". (1) My main Chillbast system i7 - 32 gig ram, (2) my older Dell backup system, (3) my laptop - all running Win 10 Pro. Admittedly, I only know 3 other people using MuseScore, but they all report exactly the same problems with MuseScore 4, all of us have reverted to MuseScore 3. So that's 100% of 6 systems having the same problems.
Opening and applying anything in Styles will honestly tale 3 or 4 minutes.... Literally.
They all crash at seemingly random times

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Well so far there are only a dozen or so reports of this out of millions of users, so objectively speaking based on the data, it truly is a small number, and that’s why need those who are experiencing the issue to help in pinpointing the unusual thing these systems have in common that makes them different from all others.

The fact that you are seeing it on three different systems is a fantastic clue - it suggests that is something common that you do on Al your systems that most others (except your three friends don’t). So I wonder, is there a particular application installed on all of these systems that could be causing a conflict? Or a particular hardware device yoh use on all of them? Or a particular OS setting you always make that others might not (like the OP mentioning accessibility settings)?

The sooner someone experiencing the issue is able to find the trigger, the sooner it can be fixed!

I was unable to get the tool bar to appear in MuseScore 4.2. I am using 3.6 instead for now...anybody else have a similar problem?

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