Disable "auto-correct" when editing score

• Apr 1, 2023 - 13:48

How to I prevent MuseScore from "auto-correcting" the rhythm of the score?
Background - I've got the basic melodic line with associated lyrics. I now want to fine-tune the rhythm (for example, instead of 3 quavers, I'd like a crochet & 2 semi-quavers). Because this is a 2-step process, MuseScore "auto-corrects" and I lose either notes and lyrics associated with these notes. If I could pause this edit function, I could complete my 2-step edit without error.

I really don't want to have to re-write the entire score & lyrics again, because it's an ongoing collaboration and editing process. There must be a way to have more control over the editing process...someone please help!


You could try the Duration Editor plugin and/or attach an example score
EDIT: Or experiment with Note insert mode (press the N icon to see the choice)
EDIT2: Another idea is to link the lyrics to voice 2 rests that you can make invisible. Changing note duration in voice 1 should not affect lyrics then

Sorry, I have to think in terms of quarter note, not crotchet. I notice that I can have four quarter notes, each with their own lyric. If I change one of the notes to a dotted quarter, no problem. If I change a note to a half note, that is when I loose a lyric. Not a surprise because the lyric was associated with a note that no longer is there. This what you pointed out. I'm no expert, but I'm not sure there is a way to temporarily disassociate notes from their respective lyrics. Even insert mode doesn't seem to work. Perhaps if there is a situation where you know there will be a problem, then you can plan ahead. Good luck.

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