Musescore crashes all the time

• Apr 1, 2023 - 10:58

Who knows why Musescore may crash constantly? May it happen because the file is too big? I work with the orchestra partiture and there are a lot of parts and instruments.
For example, I want to change key signatures in a part of clarinette, and when attempting to set it on the measure musescore crashes. I cannot move forward with edditing. The same thing happens when I implode voices - I press save and musescore crashes. Who also works with simphonic orchestra partiture do you have problems with big files? I can change the key signature on a test file which is small. What is the solution?


"when attempting to set it on the measure musescore crashes."

Does that mean that you are dragging a key signature to a measure? If so, Try selecting the measure first and then clicking on the key signature in the palette. Try entering things from the palette this way always. Try not to drag.

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