Blown away by MS4

• Mar 31, 2023 - 11:04

Hi Y'all
I escaped back from the Coastal Bend to UK London Chiswick where I had my first encounter with Musescore 3 many years ago. For me it was very clunky entering notes then and quickly wore down my Muse battery. So I laid it aside. Now I am back on the podium. I have overcome my initial fears, as its so much easier and musician-friendly than before. I have now found a simple way to re-voice a multi-part score and now I am cooking on gas - brilliant - remixing Viderunt Omnes Humanistarum - its 1200 years old !!!! I Hadyn could do it MS4 can now with my amateur meddling.

I want to say a big big thanx 10^6 to all those contributors who have selflessly devoted time to improving the product yet (in this M$ Google grabbing age) its still free and a truly genuine support to musicians worldwide. Note Guys - Music has no cultural or language barriers - its a worldwide feature within all cultures - isn't that odd?
If I were mega rich I would devote large money to support this cause. Is there a foundation set up for this?

Cheers to all like minds here.

May MS4 be with you

Ive just realised I could share my mscz file here below if I ever come up with anything worth a nickel (Well James Tenney did - definite influences in Harmonium#3 from Viderunt IMHO)

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