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• Mar 31, 2023 - 00:14

I downloaded this score from MuseScore then added some instruments to suit our band. Now when I save it I get "This score has become corrupted and contains errors". The problem is that the errors are in a part called "Alto Sax Bass" which I deleted after I had copied its notes to new instruments. So I can't even see the part let alone repair the alleged errors in it. Any ideas please?

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Is this OK? I opened in in Ark (a Linux archive manager), extracted the .MSCX file, removed the offending part then saved the .MSCX file back into the .MSCZ file.

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It works fine. Thank you. Your file shows two parts named Alto Sax Bass which prompted me to look in Parts in my file. There they are! I can open them and see the errors. I thought I had deleted the part from the score when I used "Instruments" "Add" "Your score" selected Alto Sax Bass and clicked on the dustbin (trashcan) but there are two of them! Do you know if there is another way in MuseScore to delete an instrument and its part completely? Also could I make those parts reappear in the score if I wanted to?

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I opened my file, clicked on "File" "Parts" then clicked on ... next to each Alto Sax Bass and selected delete. Then I saved and MuseScore did not say my file was corrupt any more.
Is it that whenever I delete an instrument from the score in MuseScore4 I have to delete the part as well? I don't remember that being necessary in MuseScore3.

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Perhaps it was something in the parts in this file I downloaded from MuseScore as my starting point. It had more than one part per instrument. When I create a new score with a few instruments there is one part per instrument in the "File" "Parts" menu. When I delete an instrument ("Instruments" "Add" "Your score" select instrument trashcan) the part disappears as I expect it to.

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