Q: Is it possible to share / hide dynamics between inistruments?

• Mar 30, 2023 - 20:06

I need to export music to midi with separate LH & RH. So I created second instrument and split tremble and bass between them. But now dynamics are no more applied for both of them, so I need to copy them to the second instrument. This adds lots of extra unneeded symbols.
Question: is it possible to share same dynamics between all the instruments? Or, may be have something like "hide all dynamics for instrument / staff", or just "hide single element"? Or is there any other way to achieve it?

PS. Attached two images, before split (also the correct one) and after split (extra marks)

Attachment Size
after_split.png 223.67 KB
before_split.png 193.97 KB


If you right-click on one of the dynamic symbols on the bottom staff, then use Select > Similar on This Staff, you should be able to delete or make invisible (shortcut "v") all the bottom staff dynamics at once. I hope this helps!

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