Can we get the old workflow back for articulations?

• Mar 29, 2023 - 17:24

For years as I was entering a melody I would select the duration, then enter the pitch, then enter the articulation ( "4 e ctrl+v"). When you've got a variety of articulations, accents, staccatos, tenutos and wish to enter as you go this is the most efficient workflow. With MS4 it has been reversed so that you must toggle on the accent, then enter the note, then toggle off the accent again. I've tried for a few months and I cannot get used to this way of doing it. I'm ALWAYS leaving staccatos on accidentally for a measure or more as I enter and then have to go back and delete them (I'm usually looking at a music staff or keyboard as I enter). I looked in the preferences. The language in the shortcut menu is still "Add an accent" not "Toggle accents". Is there any way to get the old workflow back?

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