Palm Mutes not Playing Back correctly when utilizing a linked staff.

• Mar 29, 2023 - 04:14

Greetings! I'm having trouble with a bit of an annoying bug, I would like to know if anyone ever found a workaround for this. I'm currently using a Windows machine on MuseScore 4.0.2.

I'm bringing some documents over from Guitar Pro to MuseScore and I like to use a linked staff for electric guitar so I can see both standard notation and TAB.
The issue currently is: when I have only the standard notation and add a Palm Mute line, MuseScore playbacks the palm mutes correctly, but when I add the linked TAB, the palm mutes don't play back anymore, playing just the standard articulation instead.

Currently I'm writing the bulk of my music using both standard notation and TAB then deleting all the TAB lines when I want to do a more critical listen to my piece, it works but really gets in the way of my workflow.

Another issue I noticed regarding the Palm Mute playback is that MuseScore instead of changing the articulation back to normal at the end of the Palm Mute line, it changes on the beat immediately next to the end of the line, which can be troublesome when notating alternating notes with and without the palm mutes.

Before anyone points out, yes I am aware MuseScore is a software for notation and not a DAW and it won't play everything correctly all the time, however, for certain styles of Hard Rock and Metal, which is what I mainly write, utilize these articulations heavily and it does get in the way of composing when you can't listen to them played back properly, I'll even say that if a Muse Sounds pack for Electric Guitars and Basses is released that addresses all of this, it might be the turning point for me to completely ditch Guitar Pro for good and strictly use MuseScore.


It seems that when you have a linked tab line, you can get the muted playback by removing the pm notation form the tab line, leaving it only on the standard system, it's not great, but better than deleting the tab

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