Note input on percussion staff crashes MuseScore 4

• Mar 29, 2023 - 03:26

I have consistently had a major issue when composing in MuseScore 4, to the point where it renders it almost unusable: I go to input a note on a percussion staff, and when I click the "Note Input" button, MuseScore crashes. I can't yet figure out what causes this. I've attached a drive link to an example of what happens when I attempt to input a note (I am using a google drive link because the forum couldn't let me upload .mp4 files).…

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I'm getting this problem now too. Issue just started happening recently.
Edit: This happens when altering anything that uses the "Drumset" notation. Edit Drumset, using any percussion instrument note input, etc. This also happens on the "Drumset" instrument as well despite it not using MuseSounds.

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I can't imagine attaching a score would help since this happens universally and is not limited to any score (I.E. this happens in 100% of cases, regardless of score/file), but just in case, I've attached one below.

To reproduce the problem:
1. Open MuseScore 4
2. Make a new score with any percussion instrumetns
3. Click on a percussion staff
4. Go to note input mode (or alternatively, right click the staff and go to "Edit Drumset"
5. MuseScore 4 crashes before the drumset palette at the bottom of the screen appears at all.

This happens with any percussion, including non-musesounds percussion.

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Hmm, seems like it must be something unique to your system then. I would try updating your graphics drivers first, and if that doesn't make a difference, try Help / Revert to factory settings. Then if you still have trouble, please give more details on your system - what OS, what CPU, how much RAM, what kind of display, etc.

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