Simplify for chord charts?

• Mar 28, 2023 - 04:41

I would like to save a lot of space. I'd like to keep bar lines, but I don't need rests or staff lines or anything like that. I do want to keep the lyrics, but I'd also like to remove rests, and instead of a rest in the middle of the bar, just have the chord for that bar. Is there a way to do something like that?


I made a quick sample as an experiment. Is this similar to what you're envisioning?

I made notes and rests invisible by selecting everything in the staff (except for chords, using the selection filter) and then hitting "v". I wasn't able to make notes invisible without also making their lyrics invisible, so I had to use a staff text box for each measure to add the words. You can hide staff lines by right-clicking the staff, going to Staff/Part Properties, and then ticking the box for Invisible staff lines.

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Ya, that would work well, except the time signature and key signature are also not necessary. I tried creating my own template like this as well. What did you do to get the words lined up with the chords like that? Maybe I could leave the rests in the version I did and do it that way, but make them invisible. Or maybe I could just not bother with lining up lyrics to chords, tbh. It's probably more ideal to just do it quickly, than line that up.

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