Musescore 4 drums

• Mar 27, 2023 - 21:50

Hi Jo Jo
Just started to score this on Musescore 4 but the drums seem to have gone all over the place
Have a look at the drum line and when you start to score the drums the wrongs sounds are allocated to drums/cymbals etc
Help please Thanks Mike


I hate the drum palette so much that I avoid it if possible. However I too notice that some of the sounds in the palette are incorrect. Although the description to the left is correct and the sound actually placed in the score is correct.

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I just looked at your arrangement and noticed that the drum assignments are corrupted somehow. I think you need to reload Muse to fix it...unless you can just replace the percussion file?
Also, why is page 5 extended and cut off at the bottom?
I use the drum notation all the time and it works fine for me.

There's a known bug where if your top staff is a transposing instrument and you aren't in concert pitch, the palette plays the wrong sounds. But, the notes are correct when you actually enter them. All is also well if you simply switch to concert pitch.

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