Cannot update musescore using appimage?

• Mar 27, 2023 - 16:12

Hi, I just opened Musescore and was informed of the release of 4.0.2, which I downloaded and installed. According to the terminal, it installed without error and Musescore should now be version 4.0.2, but according to Musescore itself, it's still 4.0.1. Is there something I have to do to properly update Musescore that is different from installing it, or is this unintended behaviour?

Edit: I left it alone for a couple of hours and did absolutely nothing to it but it now says its the correct version.


That's weird, I didn't think that would work at all. Normally it downloads the new version but doesn't install it. Simpler to just update from the command line: type "mscore4portable update". This automatically downloads and installs the update (assuming you had previously installed the AppImage normally via the "install" option).

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The install option was documented in the Handbook for MU3, and it looms line this was just added to the MU4 Handbook a couple of weeks ago.

The update option is new for MuseScore 4 and probably not documented anywhere officially yet.

The installation section is not completed for MU4 yet as the process was still kind of in flux until just before release. We’d love to see people jump in the flesh it out further!

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