New spacers must be re-selected?

• Mar 26, 2023 - 11:06

I suppose this is a bug, technically—but it didn't seem urgent enough to post it that way, so I'm putting it here. 😉

When you add a vertical spacer, it's selected, but its control box doesn't appear. To make that happen, you must click elsewhere to un-select it, then click it again to re-select it.

I use "stave spacer fixed down" all the time in piano music (each system has different contents), so it'd be great if the spacers were not only selected when you added them, but ready to be used. Thanks!


Yes, I reckon this is definitely a bug.

In MS3, I can create a spacer and then use the Tab key to select the anchor.
In MS4, that's no longer the case - instead it's a laborious business of first re-selecting the spacer, and then tabbing into the anchor point. Another tedious MS4 regression to get fixed...

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